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    Connect your current systems to Hootsuite to improve efficiency and workflows, while protecting your existing technology investments.

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    Extend social media across your entire organization by integrating Hootsuite into the marketing, content, and business systems you already use.

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    Build on our platform to meet your specific business needs, either by building a custom app or developing a full integration with Hootsuite.

Weave the power of social into your organization with our APIs

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    Centralize social content

    Schedule and publish social content directly from your existing content creation and management systems, using our publishing API.

  • Graphique deConsolidate social metrics

    Consolidate social metrics

    Automatically synch social metrics with your existing analytics and reporting systems, using our Ow.ly link shortner API.

  • Graphique deAutomate user management

    Automate user management

    Make onboarding and account management of Hootsuite easier, faster, and more efficient, with our user management API.

The ability to seamlessly integrate social data with other key enterprise systems like Proofpoint means that customers will be able to maximize social’s impact on their organization and with their own customers.

Dan NadirVice President of ProductProofpoint