11 simple, useful, and completely practical ways to use social media data

Social media data is valuable—everyone knows that.

But while social data has been hyped by the media, marketers know that moving from collecting data to putting it to work is very difficult.

In our free Social Media Data Cookbook, we took a different approach. Instead of focusing on complicated ways to use social media data (that require data teams and huge investments), we provide 11 simple recipes to use the data you already have.

If you are tired of reading about social media data, and ready to actually use it to make your marketing smarter and campaigns more profitable, this is the guide for your team.

  • The #1 persuasive way to prove impact of your social media campaigns
  • A simple test you can run to see the exact ROI of social messages
  • Dead-practical ways to discover what your customers actually want
  • Why conversation clusters and social media data boost SEO traffic
  • How SXSW uses social media data to measure the success of live events

Download your free Social Media Cookbook and learn 11 simple and practical ways to use social media to better understand customers, boost traffic, and show the true value of campaigns.