Global brands such as NBC, MTV, PayPal, and Phillips use the advanced social media analytics in Hootsuite Insights to better understand customers, measure the impact of campaigns, and gain insight into social media.

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  • Track global social media activity—with real-time dashboards and visual reports to measure results by departments, regions, and product lines.
  • Gather customer insights—cost effectively—with deep social media listening capabilities, pulling data from 100+ million sources, 25 platforms, and 55 languages.
  • Measure the impact of campaigns—by analyzing audience sentiment during a new brand launch or tracking response to live events.
  • Spot opportunities and threats—with real-time alerts about spikes in consumer sentiment or unusual social media activity around your brand.
  • See the complete influence of social media on sales—by integrating social media data with CRM data and 3rd party analytics such as Omniture or Google Analytics.
  • Engage prospects and customers locally—zoom in to where customers and influencers are talking about your brand and industry with language, location, and platform filters.
  • Empower every department with social data—assign tasks for different departments right from your dashboard (such as a product manager investigating a spike in Twitter complaints).

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