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Video Transcript

The great thing about social advertising is that you can quickly see if your ads are effective and optimize them on the fly. Once you have a solid understanding of your return on ad spend, you can revise your campaign to get the most out of each dollar. You can approach this process by reviewing three areas: your platform of choice, target audience and creative elements.

If you’ve run a campaign across multiple platforms, figure out which one gives you the highest return on ad spend so you can shift your resources to the best performing channel. If you ran your campaign on just one platform and it ended with lacklustre results, rethink your platform of choice.  If you’re not confident that this platform is the best method of reaching your target customer, try testing a different one. If you are, shift your focus to revising your target audience and the creative elements of your campaign.

Finding the right audience to target is an iterative process. Say you’ve run a campaign that ended with a low clickthrough rate. This may be a signal that you’re not getting your ad in front of people who are interested in your content or products. Experiment with testing different audience sources such as custom audiences and lookalike audiences on Facebook, tailored audiences and interests on Twitter or job titles and companies on LinkedIn. Pay attention to which audience source is best at meeting your campaign objective - perhaps a custom audience from your email list converts higher than a lookalike audience, so shift spending accordingly. Pay attention to how your ads are being consumed - mobile ads can be significantly cheaper than desktop ads and if your audience is converting through mobile, you may want to serve your ads on mobile only.

Lastly, experiment with the creative elements of your campaign. Say you’ve run a campaign that had a high click through rate but low conversions - this can occur when the copy you used in your ads was unclear or the imagery of the ad contrasted sharply with the imagery on your website or landing page. This can result in your visitors getting confused and losing trust in your ad or your brand. Try adjusting calls to actions, headlines, graphics, images and landing pages to see if you can produce better results.