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Video Transcript

If you have a Facebook Business page, you can create and manage Instagram ads through the Facebook advertising platform.

As always, begin by selecting an objective that most closely matches your business needs. A number of objectives are available for Instagram Ads, including Clicks to Website, Website Conversions, Video Views, and Page Post Engagement.

You can use the rollovers of the objectives on the Facebook Ads “Campaign” page, to identify and match your Instagram objective.

If you have a mobile optimized web property such as an online shop, consider selecting Send people to your website or Increase conversions on your website.

Since Instagram does not allow links in posts, these objectives are an effective way to drive traffic from Instagram to your website.

With  Boost your post you can create a brand new post or use a previously published Facebook post to drive likes and comments. This objective is optimized to drive interaction with the ad through likes and comments.

It is possible to run ads on Instagram without having an Instagram account, however without an Instagram account you won’t be able to interact with comments on the ad and may miss opportunities to engage with potential followers on that platform. 

Please note that you can also create ads within the Instagram app, if you have an Instagram Business account.

To promote a post within the app, simply click the “Promote” button below a post. You can then select an objective from the options listed.  This method is useful if you don’t have ready access to the Facebook advertising platform but still need to promote a post on the go.