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Video Transcript

Hootlet -- is a special plugin that makes it easy to share the content you discover on the web with the social accounts you’ve connected into Hootsuite.  

Once Hootlet is installed you’ll see a small Owly logo in the top right corner of your browser.  

Now whenever you discover a page or an article on the web that’d you’d like to share just press the Hootlet.     

From here you can schedule or autoschedule your message, add photos or other attachments and customize your post just as you would in the main compose box.

Here’s a special tip:  If you’re reading an article and spot a quote you’d like to share just highlight the text, right click and share with Hootlet.  

Hootlet can also be used to discover social messaging related to your Google web searches.

When you type a search into Google click the Hootlet tab that appears to the right of your search results. You’ll see the most recent Twitter results that reference your search term.  

Hootlet also helps you discover social messaging from specific areas or businesses with Google Maps and Yelp.  

When you type in a location you’ll see an option for “Tweets near here” this will open up a search stream of tweets that have been posted near that location.  

You can adjust the proximity of the search with the slider bar at the top.  

These real-time search streams can be easily added to your Hootsuite dashboard for later reference.

The Hootlet may be tiny but it has the power to help you share and discover great content from wherever you find it on the web.

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