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Video Transcript

Social media campaigns are an effective way to engage your audience and increase leads, but finding effective, budget-friendly tools is a challenge for many businesses.  Hootsuite Campaigns helps marketers achieve their goals with a suite of free, easy to use campaign tools designed to drive leads and increase engagement with their brand on social.

Once you’re signed up for free account, you can choose between two campaign types: Social Sweepstakes, to engage fans and acquire email leads with an attractive prize, and Sign Ups, which is a simple way to get people to sign up for a special event, newsletter, or special offer.

Begin by selecting the name and URL for your campaign - make sure to keep it short, and relevant to the campaign you’re creating.  Then move on to constructing the main campaign page - once you’ve uploaded your company logo, add a header background.  Hootsuite Campaigns gives you the option to use a pre-supplied design, or to select your exact brand colour with a HEX value.  If you choose to upload an image, make sure to position it how you want it, and add a filter for extra visual appeal.

The fonts and colours of your campaign title and subtitle are fully customizable; you can also hide these page elements entirely if it suits the visual style of your campaign better.  

Next, define what information you want campaign participants to supply and don’t ask for more than you need.  Think about whether the prize you’re offering justifies the level of detail you are asking for in campaign submissions. Keep in mind that you can mark fields as Optional or Required.

By default, your campaign begins the day you created it, so be sure to edit ‘start’ and ‘end’ dates to match your marketing timelines.  We also recommend displaying the countdown, as this encourages entries by creating a sense of urgency that can motivate contestants to enter quickly.

To make it easier for people to share your campaign to their social networks, customize the auto-populated text in the social sharing section with exciting copy and a call to action.

Using the Pages icon, toggle to the ‘Thank You’ page to include a friendly message - this is a great opportunity to drive people to your website or social channels.  The Terms and Conditions page should contain the rules entrants have to agree to before entering the campaign.  If you’re unsure what to include here, a quick google search will bring up many template options.

Clicking the Settings Icon let’s you specify things like how often people can submit entries or change the campaign name and URL.  A good rule of thumb is to let people cast one entry per day; this will keep dedicated fans coming back, without overwhelming the campaign with a disproportionate number of votes from a handful of contestants.  

Before you hit Publish, Preview what your campaign will look like on both mobile and desktop to confirm that it displays well and is easy to navigate on all devices.

Once the campaign is over, Hootsuite Campaigns can pick a random winner. All entries gathered during the campaign are downloadable as a CSV file, which you can start putting to work in future marketing efforts.

To sign up for Hootsuite Campaigns, visit or click on the Campaigns icon in your Hootsuite dashboard.