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Video Transcript

Social media metrics don’t just involve measuring content performance and community building efforts.

It can also involve measuring how responsive teams are on various social channels.

But keeping teams accountable for their responsiveness on social can be a tough monitoring challenge.

Hootsuite Analytics solves this challenge with Team Metrics which provides insight into how efficiently a team is handling social interactions with customers and prospects.

The real time data team metrics provides can help identify the most effective communication channels, measure against service level agreements, and spot areas for improvement where response and resolution times are longest.

You can measure the metrics that matter most to your customers-- such as First Response Times and Ticket Resolution Times.

As well as metrics that are useful internally-- like how quickly messages are spotted and the average Handling Times for assignments.

To build a Team Metric Board, you must be assigned as a Team Admin to the team in question.

Begin by selecting Create New Board and Team.

Here, you can choose from two pre-built templates: First Response Time and Assignments.

The First Response Time template is great if your primary focus is to measure how quickly your customers get a response to their messages.

For bigger teams with sophisticated assignment workflows, additional metrics are available through the Assignments Board.

For example, Pick Up Time is the time between when a customer sent a message and when it was assigned to a specific team or team member.

Handling Time is the time between when the message was assigned and when it was resolved.

And finally, Resolution Time measures the time between when the message was sent and when the assignment is marked as resolved.

For each team metric, you can further refine the data by team member, team, platform, social account, message type, and tag.

For example, you can see if your Day Support Team resolves assignments faster than your Night Support Team.

Or if messages received via Twitter are resolved quicker than those received via Facebook.

It’s important to note, that to generate time metrics based on tags, you must apply a tag to either the inbound message or your outbound response.

It’s a best practice to apply this tag early in the conversation so you can produce accurate First Response Time data.

You can also filter conversations based on tags that are applied to the message.

For example, you can create a First Response Time table for all messages tagged as “Negative Feedback”, and export the results to perform a qualitative analysis.

Once your Team Metrics Board is built, you can share it out to team members and stakeholders, just as you would with any other board.

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