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Video Transcript

Employees at large organizations can be hesitant to adopt social media for fear of saying the wrong thing.

But employees are also the biggest asset a company can have when it comes to sharing its message online, which is why it’s important to provide them with easy access to pre-approved resources that allow easy and seamless social sharing.

Hootsuite’s content library allows employees to easily share pre-approved messaging to their networks.

And for organizations with many teams, the content library allows companies to build different content banks for different teams, such as marketing and customer support.

Say you’re a real estate brokerage with thousands of agents across the country.

As part of a seasonal campaign, you've developed branded assets for your agents to share through their networks.

To create a new library, navigate to the Publisher tab and select “create a new library.”

Add a Library Name and select which teams should have access.

Upload images directly into the library, or use the compose box to create a text-based template.

Text templates are especially useful if you get a lot of repeated questions.

Add an internal tag to manage content as your library grows to make it easier to find content in the future.

To add pre-approved messaging to your content library, hover over the more button on the content card and select “Compose”, or “Edit Template.”

From here you can edit every element of the template to fit your particular needs.

When you’re ready,just hit publish.

Use the “Edit” option to add additional notes about the template for you team mates.

From this view, you can also see the usage metrics for that piece of content, which can help you decide what kind of content you should develop in the future.

As with many other Enterprise features, access to the Hootsuite Content Library can be tiered based on permissions.

For example, for companies in tightly regulated industries like healthcare or finance, you may decide to grant the ability to create and edit message templates to just a few select admins, allowing everyone else publish-only access.

This layer of security ensures the content that is shared by your organization, doesn’t include sensitive or off-brand material.

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