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Video Transcript

A large organization using social media for different purposes such as recruitment campaigns, customer support, and event engagement, may have a hard time measuring just how much social activity is dedicated to each purpose.

Internal post-tagging is a useful way to categorize outbound and inbound messages for a variety of purposes.

Think of a post-tag as an internal hashtag.

When you attach it to an outbound message, it will not be visible to the public.

By using post-tags you can monitor campaign and event activity, classify in-stream messages to measure volume and sentiment, and draw up analytics reports based on your unique tags.

The tags available for your selection are predetermined by the administrator in your organization, and you can enter multiple tags per message.

Note that applying tags can be a time intensive process.

So if you choose to utilize this feature, make sure you tie its use to an objective.

For example, let’s say you’re a postsecondary institution that wants to measure event engagement around convocation with a goal to respond to every shout-out you receive.

In addition to creating a hashtag that the public can attach to their messages, you can attach an internal tag to inbound and outbound messages related to the event, including those that may have been missed because they don’t mention your hashtag.

You can use additional tags such as “negative”, “positive”, and “neutral”, to categorize sentiment around the event.

Afterward, you can measure how many inbound messages you received and how many outbound messages you sent out to get an ideas of well you met your goal.

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