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Video Transcript

Most companies struggle when it comes to getting eyeballs on the content they post to social.

To address this, many companies are adopting an employee advocacy strategy, encouraging employees to share content over their social profiles.

This helps companies amplify their content to hundreds if not thousands of additional social channels, and helps employees position themselves as industry experts.

Hootsuite’s employee advocacy solution, Amplify, enables employees to share important company announcements, give new social campaigns a boost, and support corporate responsibility and community initiatives.

Hootsuite Amplify is a scalable solution that enables employees to share the stories and news resonating across your organization, directly from their mobile device.

By giving your employees an easy way to share your brand's content over their social networks, you could increase your company's social reach exponentially.

As an administrator, you’ll be able to post content to Amplify from within your Hootsuite Dashboard.

Anytime there's a piece of content you wish to share with your employee advocates, just select “Send to Amplify” and it will enter into your publication queue.

From there you can edit the message, and publish it once it's ready.

For larger announcements and press releases, you can also send a notification email to your employees, letting them know there's big news to share.

Once employees receive the invitation email Hootsuite provides, they will be able to download the Amplify mobile app from the App Store.

From there, they can login using their Hootsuite credentials or their corporate email address.

The first time they login, employees will be prompted to create a profile, and connect their personal networks to Hootsuite Amplify.

After the networks have been added, they will be able to browse a stream of curated content.

If an employee sees a piece of content he or she would like to share, a single click can post it to their personal social networks or schedule it within their Hootsuite account.

As you begin to use Amplify on a regular basis, you’ll be able to evaluate the impact you are having by identifying both top performing content and your most engaged employees.