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Other Extensions

Assignments Chrome Extension

Quickly and easily expand your team’s monitoring capabilities. Now anyone on your team can assign tweets or Facebook posts directly from Twitter.com or Facebook.com. The Hootsuite Assignments Chrome extension will help your team reply to important clients and audiences more efficiently, accurately, and with less redundancy. Read More

Hootlet Link Share for Firefox

The Hootlet will save you time when sharing social content. It’s our secret weapon because it allows you to link share easily. As a FireFox add-on, the Hootlet automatically takes content you want to share and pops it into a message, ready to go. No need to leave the web page. Plus, with one click, you can AutoSchedule your posts, ensuring that your links are shared at optimal times. Read More

Other Hootsuite Tools

Hootsuite Click.to Extension
The Click.to extension lets you send messages to the Hootsuite dashboard with one click.


Hootsuite Ecquire Extension
Ecquire lets you add social contacts from Hootsuite directly to your CRM.

HootFeed for Live Twitter Streams
Set up an interactive HootFeed and stream your Twitter feed live.