How to use Hootsuite Streams to engage your audience more effectively

Engagement is key to the success of every social media strategy

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Key to the success of your social media marketing efforts is engagement—or interaction with your online audience.

To help you engage more effectively, Hootsuite Streams is set up so you can easily view, manage, and connect instantly. Within Hootsuite Streams, each social message looks and feels similar to how it would on the native social network, to minimize confusion. Let's explore how engagement works within Hootsuite Streams, and later, watch a video of how you can apply these learnings to your everyday workflow.

How Hootsuite Streams works

Below is an example of a typical Hootsuite Stream. All streams automatically update as new messages are published and posted on top.

Hootsuite Stream example for Facebook

You’ll notice that under each social message is a variety of engagement options for quick use. Here’s what they all mean:

Hootsuite Streams icon list

Pro Tip: You'll notice a number alongside some of these icons. This indicates the number of engagements, or likes, comments, and shares any given post has received.

In Hootsuite Streams, here's what an example Tweet looks like (Notice the reply, Retweet, and like options which are native to

Example Tweet in Hootsuite Streams

Here's an example Instagrampost (Notice the options to like and comment which are native to Instagram): 

Example Instagram post in Hootsuite Streams

And here's an example Facebook post in Hootsuite Streams (Notice you can like and comment on the post and on individual comments within):

Example Facebook post in Hootsuite Streams

As you can see, it's easy to add comments within Facebook and Instagram. Below is an example of an in-stream message with multiple comments. Directly below the message, you can write a comment and see the conversation thread. You can also view images within comments in-stream. When there is a high volume of comments, simply select ‘View more comments’ to expand the view. Within the comments, you can like, assign (where applicable), or delete individual comments by selecting the 'More options' icon.

Facebook comments thread in Hootsuite Streams

To write a comment within Twitter simply hit the reply arrow. Any Tweets with multiple comments will have a “Show Conversation” link at the bottom of the message. Click that to expand or hide the comment thread automatically within the stream.

To learn even more about building an audience through engagement, check out the video below:

Start engaging your audience better on social, try out Hootsuite today.