PureMatter agency and the million dollar deal

Closing a million dollar deal with the help of social media and Nimble app

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The market for social agencies is fast paced and highly competitive. What sets agencies apart boils down to the strength of their online customer relationships and the ability to adapt, combine new technologies, and close deals.
As a thriving agency, PureMatter has to organize, manage, and stay on top of their more than 10,000 sales contacts. That’s why the agency relies on Nimble to capture and organize deals, opportunities, and contacts. And because 80% of their relationships are built on social media, they’ve combined Hootsuite’s social media management capabilities with Nimble’s CRM functionality—all in one dashboard with the Hootsuite app. 

Discover how the PureMatter team used Hootsuite and the Nimble app to:

  • Close a nearly million-dollar contract 
  • Manage 80% of potential sales contacts
  • Achieve a 15% increase in sales
  • Decrease time and resources spent by 15%

Download The PureMatter Success Story and discover how agencies can improve customer relationships, combine new technologies, and close deals.