Nonprofits and social media: Building communities of advocates

How Kiva nonprofit organization uses social media to connect communities worldwide

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Nonprofit organization Kiva’s mission is to connect people worldwide through lending money to alleviate poverty. Working with microfinance institutions across five continents, Kiva provides affordable access to capital through loans from as little as $25. Since its inception in 2005, Kiva has enabled over one million people to become Kiva lenders, generating over $521 million in over 73 countries.

Download this case study to discover how Kiva uses Hootsuite to:

  • Cultivate communities between borrowers and lenders
  • Listen to what over 60 representatives in the field are saying
  • Share content and stories from representatives of how loans have changed lives and created opportunities
  • Measure social media success through increased engagement

What’s unique about Kiva is that personal connection you make when you decide to lend. We do this by sharing stories from two perspectives—how our borrowers’ lives have been affected by these loans and how our lenders’ lives have changed after empowering someone to improve their life.

—Aurora Lee, Kiva Content Coordinator