India has a booming technology and startup scene. Enter Dazeinfo’s founder, Amit Misra. Active in India’s startup community, Amit saw a gap in the industry’s use of big data. While most startups excelled at product development, very few knew how to use data to foresee industry change.

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Seeing an opportunity Amit started Dazeinfo, a business content website that publishes industry intelligence and tangible insights for technology professionals. Over the past three years, Amit has focused on building brand awareness for Dazeinfo and growing the site’s readership. To help him meet his goals, Amit uses social media. 

Social media allows you to acquire customers. Once somebody interacts with your content you don’t have to pay to engage them every time, which drives down the cost of acquisition.

Amit Misra
CEO and FounderDazeinfo

What They Did

Increasing readership by running social media contests

Amit frequently runs contests on social media to build brand awareness and increase his website readership. In a recent contest aimed at driving e-newsletter subscriptions, respondents were asked to answer a series of 10 questions posted on Dazeinfo’s Facebook page. The questions were designed to help Amit and his team gauge his audience’s knowledge of the technology industry. To help respondents answer the questions, they were given the option to click through to Dazeinfo’s website for 30 seconds. This gave readers a preview of the Dazeinfo website and time to find the information they needed. Winners received coupons redeemable on a popular ecommerce site.

We asked Amit to share some learnings from social media contests he has run in the past.  

Two Tips for Running a Successful Social Media Contest

  • To incentivize participation, identify a unique giveaway that’s valuable to your target audience.

  • Create hashtags to promote the contest that are easy to remember. You don’t have to include your brand name in every hashtag, and it helps to use words that are already trending.

How They Did it

Regularly publishing contest updates 

To promote the contest, the team published updates every 90 minutes across at least one of Dazeinfo’s four social channels. These were scheduled in advance using Hootsuite’s Scheduling feature.  

The contest started a lot of conversations, and the team at Dazeinfo was able to keep on top of it all by dividing the task of responding to everyone using Hootsuite Team Assignments.  

Startups can’t work 24/7. But by using Hootsuite we’re able to provide helpful content to our audiences around the clock.

Amit Misra
CEO and FounderDazeinfo

Monitoring the buzz around the online contest

The team used hashtags with commonly used phrases like #discountcoupons to promote the contest. Hootsuite Streams was used to monitor conversations around those hashtags. If someone on Facebook or Twitter used the hashtag in their post or Tweet, Dazeinfo would then reach out to them with information about the contest, encouraging them to participate. This helped the Dazeinfo team broaden their audience while generating targeted contest entries. 

Measuring audience activity and content performance

The Dazeinfo team used Hootsuite Analytics to gain valuable insights on content performance. To maximize exposure and reach, the Dazeinfo team used Hootsuite Analytics to match posting times to peak audience activity periods. During the Facebook contest, the team ramped up its updates during the three high-activity timeslots identified by Hootsuite to maximize contest coverage across its target audience. 

The Results

The team at Dazeinfo ran the social media contest for 20 days and saw a 400% increase in their e-newsletter subscriptions. A comprehensive social media strategy has been key to Dazeinfo’s growth strategy since the start. Thirty-five percent of traffic to the Dazeinfo website is attributed to its social media efforts. 

Social media contests have proved to be especially effective in boosting website traffic and readership. 

Using Hootsuite’s monitoring, publishing, and analytics features, the Dazeinfo team has successfully:

  • Increased e-newsletter subscriptions by over 400% 

  • Seen 7000 people participate in their contest 

  • Maximized content performance and exposure

Each social network has many functionalities. Hootsuite lets me enjoy the features of each network from one dashboard.

Amit Misra
CEO and FounderDazeinfo