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Hootsuite Enterprise Product Update & Sneak Preview

One of the benefits of a web-based solution like Hootsuite Enterprise is that you receive regular software updates automatically. In fact, we release an average of two new feature improvements every day!

This exclusive, customers-only presentation will unveil this quarter’s top new Hootsuite Enterprise features and improvements—including how to easily post and schedule Instagram content in Hootsuite.
You’ll also get a sneak peek at an exciting new employee advocacy product that will help organisations increase their social reach.
Watch this special presentation, including:

  • Our new Instagram integration: Manage and schedule Instagram content using your Hootsuite dashboard
  • A brand new product: A customers-only sneak peek at a new way for organisations to harness the power of employee advocacy
  • Simplified image sharing: A closer look at improvements we’ve made to image sharing to help ensure your social posts are visual and compelling