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Manage your Pinterest publishing with the Tailwind app

Watch this short tutorial to learn how the Tailwind for Pinterest app makes it easy to create, schedule, and publish pins through Hootsuite.

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On-Demand Tutorials

  • Syndicator-ThumbnailImage

    3 quick ways to find the best content

    Use Hootsuite’s content curation tools to quickly and easily find engaging, shareable content that starts conversations and deepens connections with your followers.

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    How to create a network of influencers

    Make it easier to identify and engage with your most powerful influencers—and encourage them to become loyal advocates for your business, brand, and social campaigns.

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  • tut-YouTube-250x150

    Using YouTube Analytics to create more engaging videos

    Use YouTube Analytics and other Hootsuite tools to streamline your workflow and get to know your audience—allowing you to optimize your videos to generate more buzz.

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  • Thumbnail-Listening

    Social listening for competitive advantage

    Monitor the social conversations surrounding your competitors to discover what their customers like and share—and use what you learn to gain a social edge.

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  • CustomSeachStreams-ThumbnailImage (1)

    Creating custom search streams and localizing content 

    Millions of tweets are sent out every day, but with custom search streams, you’re able to view and reply to the ones that matter for your social strategy. 

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  • Facebook-ThumbnailImage

    4 essential tools for optimizing Facebook

    Use Facebook Insights and other targeting and scheduling tools to understand your audience and deliver the right content to the right people—at the right times.

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  • Instagram-ThumbnailImage

    Instagram Apps to help you spot trends and find content

    Find trending Instagram content, keep an eye on your engagement metrics, and sort posts by hashtags, locations, or username with our Instagram apps in the Hootsuite app directory. 

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  • TwitterLists-ThumbnailImage

    How to create Twitter lists in Hootsuite

    With Twitter Lists, which can be both public or private, you can track the Tweets of targeted groups or individuals such as your customers, industry influencers, or competitors.

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  • Hootlet-ThumbnailImage (1)

    Using Hootlet to simplify how you share content

    With the Hootlet extension, you can quickly share content to your social networks right from your browser—and also choose the best times to schedule your content with AutoScheduler.

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  • thumbnail-Week10

    Time-saving tools for managing social

    Tune in to this short live tutorial for time-saving tips to being more productive with social—including faster scheduling, tweeting, and content curation.

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  • Microsite-Thumbnail-GC11 (1)

    How to access 125+ apps in Hootsuite

    Join our short live tutorial to getting started with the App Directory, including a look at three apps you can start using today—Vidpiq for Instagram, YouTube, and Tumblr.

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  • GameChangersPhoto-Week12%28Thumbnail%29

    Analyzing your Twitter community

    Tune in to this short live tutorial to discover the apps in the Hootsuite App Directory for gaining a deeper understanding of your Twitter community.

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  • thum-vacation-grey

    Hootsuite’s pre-vacation social media to-do list

    Tune in to this short live tutorial to learn some easy pre-vacation things you can do in Hootsuite to keep your social channels up and running while you enjoy your downtime.

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Blog Posts 

  • FacebookTools-ThumbnailImage

    7 common Facebook mistakes that your business should avoid 

    Facebook is an integral part of social media for business—and can affect your brand both positively and negatively. Find out what mistakes to watch for as you build your audience and brand voice. 

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  • LocalizingConversation-ThumbnailImage

    Learn how to create custom search streams in Hootsuite

    Sorting through the clutter to find conversations that matter is key to engaging with customers. Learn how custom search streams and geo-location features can help you make valuable connections.

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  • InstagramApps

    Instagram apps in the Hootsuite App Directory

    Instagram is an ideal platform for brands to connect with customers via visual content. The Hootsuite App Directory features apps that help you analyze, monitor, and engage with Instagram content.

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  • thumbnail-TwitterLists

    How to use Twitter lists for business

    Twitter lists are more than just organizational tools when used for business. Learn how you can track the Tweets of specific groups or individuals to gain insights relevant to your organization. 

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  • GameChangers-Week6-Thumbnail

    Your next interesting Tweet is closer than you think with Hootlet

    Discover how Hootsuite’s browser extension lets you view geolocated social messages in Google Maps. Use Hootlet to find out what people near, or at, your business are saying about it, in real-time.

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  • FacebookImage(microsite)

    Fact or fiction: Do images increase Facebook engagement?

    Visually appealing content increases engagement—but not all images hit the mark. Find out what variables influence audience engagement and get tips on how to improve your Facebook strategy.

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  • Twitter Image

    7 lessons you can learn from 5000 Hootsuite Tweets

    The official Hootsuite Twitter account has sent out thousands of Tweets. Find out what made the popular Tweets work and apply these learnings to your own efforts on Twitter to increase your reach. 

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  • Pinterest_Red-250x150

    How to use Pinterest for business: The definitive guide

    Discover how to use Pinterest to showcase your products and services, and generate sales by reaching new audiences. Now is the time for you to get on board with this rapidly growing sales-generating network. 

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  • Instagram-ThumbnailImage

    Three proven tactics to build your Instagram community

    Influencers and brands successfully using Instagram have a few tactics in common. Learn how to increase your follower count and build a community by incorporating these steps into your social strategy.

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