Get started with Hootsuite Teams

Use Hootsuite Teams to share access to social networks and assign tasks.

Getting Started

Make the most of your social media strategy by collaborating with Team Members.

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  • 1. What are Hootsuite Teams?

    Hootsuite Teams let you collaborate with other trusted users within the dashboard. This is especially helpful as your social presence grows. Learn more

What are Team Members?

Team Members are specific users that you invite to collaborate within your Hootsuite account, without sharing your password. Give them access to specific social networks and group them into Teams to manage parts of your social media strategy.

What are Teams?

Teams are groups of users. They can be organized by department, region, or clients that you manage.

What are Organizations?

An Organization is the overarching structure of your account, and includes all of your Teams, Team Members, and the social networks they share access to.

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  • 2. Set up your Team in 3 easy steps

    Setting up your Team is easy—just create your Organization and follow these three steps to learn how to: invite Team Members, add social networks, and assign them to your Teams. Learn more

A screenshot of Teams setup in the dashboard.


Step 1: Invite Team Members to your Hootsuite Organization

  • Select “Invite Members” and type in the email addresses of those you wish to invite to your Team.
  • Users who do not have a Hootsuite account will be prompted to create a Free account.

Step 2: Add your social networks

  • Select “Add a Social Network.”
  • Add any social network that you would like to share access with a team.

Step 3: Create your Team(s)

  • Select “Add a Team.”
  • Add relevant Team Members and social networks to each Team.

Beyond the Basics

Be more efficient and productive by sharing information and assigning messages to Team Members within your Organization.

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  • 3. How to assign social messages in two minutes

    Assign messages or streams to specific Team Members, so nothing ever slips through the cracks. Watch the video

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  • 4. How to share streams

    Increase transparency by sharing streams with your team. See who else has responded to messages in your stream and eliminate the risk of your Team responding to the same person multiple times. Learn more

Share search streams among teams to ensure all team members are monitoring the same content. Twitter keyword, Twitter search and Google+ Page search streams can all be shared.

Users must be added to the team before you can share a stream with them.

To share a stream with a team

  1. Select Streams from the launch menu.
  2. Click the tab hosting the stream.
  3. Click more in the top-right corner of the stream, and then click Share Stream with team.
  4. Select a team, and then click Share.
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  • 5.  How to create draft messages

    Responding to the same questions, like store hours or location, on social media can be tedious. Create a bank of pre-approved responses to frequently asked questions that your Team Members can publish with a click. Watch the video

Additional Resources for Advanced Users

Learn time-saving tips and tricks. Choose from an on-demand webinar or an in-depth guide now, or bookmark both to view later.

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  • 6. Collaborate with your Team: an on-demand webinar

    Learn how to set up an Organization, share access to your social networks without sharing passwords, and assign social posts to your team. Watch the webinar

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  •  7. Setting up and using your Team: a step-by-step guide

    Bookmark this guide for easy access to everything you need to know about Teams. View the guide

In this guide, you will learn about:

  1. Information sharing: Discover how easy it is to make sure each Team Member is on the same page by sharing streams.
  2. Proactive Planning: Prepare message templates and draft copy to ensure you are ready to connect with customers quickly and easily in any situation
  3. Intelligent Responses: Assign messages to the appropriate Team Member for more relevant and timely responses
  4. Risk Reduction: Secure your channels with Permission settings, individual passwords, and Team management via Administrator


Hootsuite lets us stay connected, communicate over issues and solutions, see what is scheduled and delegate particular messages for individual attention.

Alan Jones, Chief Hindsight Officer, The New Agency