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Video Transcript

For members of your community, the primary purpose of Facebook is to connect with friends and family as well as to find content that is interesting and entertaining. Keep this in mind when you’re thinking about how to leverage Facebook as your community building tool.

Since you can’t follow Facebook users directly, it’s important to demonstrate through the interactions that take place on your Facebook Page, that customer care and relationship building is a focus for your brand. It’s easy to scan a brand page and see whether they’re using it to converse with their audience or just to push content.  Comment threads have high visibility on Facebook, so it’s especially important to answer questions and engage with your followers in a timely fashion. A side benefit is that these interactions will create newsfeed stories, earning you greater visibility in like-minded personal networks.  

If you choose Facebook to host your community groups, you can make your groups public, closed or secret. For a local grocer, a closed group is a good option for the inner circle of brand ambassadors and influencers, and a public group is a good solution for a group centered around a particular theme, like Raw Food recipes. Keep in mind that a public group may require heavy moderation to ensure the quality of its content. The person who manages your Facebook community must be comfortable using their personal account on the behalf of the business as this will allow them to interact within the groups. It’s also important that their profile is linked to the company’s Facebook page, so anyone they engage with can easily find it.

Lastly, if Facebook becomes your primary community hub, use Facebook Events to build buzz and connect with event attendees ahead of time. Overwhelming and irrelevant event invitations can be annoying, so make sure you send invites only to relevant audience members and, encourage them to spread the word to others who might benefit from attending.