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Video Transcript

Snapchat offers several unique features that are helpful for building up a follower base.

To make it easy for fans to follow you, take advantage of your unique Snapcode, found within your profile screen, or the Snapchat website. Users can instantly follow you by holding their camera up to your Snapcode.

In addition to sharing Snapcodes on their company website and social channels, some brands will also print their Snapcode on physical items, like posters, keychains, and business cards. Using a photo editor, Snapcodes can be customized with a business logo or a unique image in the white ghost area.

Some organizations find it useful to generate a custom URL that  allows users to automatically add you to their Snapchat friends. Generate a URL for your account by dragging down on the camera view in the snapchat app, clicking “add friends” and then “share username”.

Another way to gain brand exposure on Snapchat is by using Ghostcodes. This is app allows you to feature your Snapchat profile within a category relevant to your business, such as Travel, for those in the hospitality industry. Ghostcodes users can rank your profile and help you achieve greater visibility within the app.

Snapchat users seek authenticity and are looking for brands that communicate in ways they can relate to. Don’t worry too much about creating content that is overly polished or scripted; the spontaneity of Snapchat is part of its charm! It’s also important that you engage directly with your followers. Spend some time each day watching their stories and sending reaction snaps to them directly via instant message.