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Video Transcript

Once you’ve spent a few months gathering data, it’s time to evaluate the effectiveness of your community building initiatives. Did you hit the KPIs you were looking to achieve? If not - were your goals realistic? If you believe your KPIs were appropriate, assess your success or failure by looking at two areas - growth and engagement.

If you’re not seeing the type of community growth you’re aiming for, you may not be getting your brand in front of a relevant audience. In this case, examine your growth related activities such as partnerships with other brands and influencer outreach programs. Ask yourself: Do my customers know we’re on social media? Increasing community growth could be as easy as increasing the visibility of your social profiles on your website, email signatures or instore.

If you’re lacking the kind of engagement you want to see in your community, perhaps you’re not talking about or sharing information that your customers really care about. In this case, try connecting with your closest customers for one on one chats to gain insight into what kind of content they find valuable. You might also find it valuable to study other online communities in your industry to find out the kind of topics and conversations that your target demographic is most interested in engaging with. Study Facebook and Instagram posts with high engagement or review well performing Twitter chats in your industry.

If you’ve hit or exceeded your goals, work on building momentum by identifying and  duplicating success.

It’s important to remember that building community is about building relationships overtime. Therefore, start by tracking your process on a quarterly basis as opposed to week over week. The traction you see in growth and engagement will likely be steady and gradual. If you do see sharp growth or decline in ambassador enrollment, engagement or follower counts, trace it back to whatever activities you engaged in that spurred on the quick change.