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Video Transcript

Managing the activity on your Youtube channel while still having enough time to discover fresh, interesting video content can be a challenge. As with other social networks, Hootsuite can help you grow and leverage your Youtube community by making it simple to engage with comments and discover and amplify relevant content across your social networks.

To manage comments and replies for all of your YouTube channel’s videos, simply add a Published Comments stream to your Hootsuite dashboard. From here you can delete comments and mark them as spam, when necessary. In the case of inappropriate behaviour, you can hide a specific user’s comments across your entire channel.

To monitor comments on a specific video, such as a new release, create a Comments Stream just for that video. Simply find it in the My Channel stream, click the more button and select “Create Comment Stream.”  

By adding a Moderate Stream, you can vet incoming comments on your channel or specific videos by approving or deleting them.  Approving comments makes them public which means you can then manage them in other YouTube comment streams.

Youtube is full of fascinating content, and you can use Hootsuite Search Stream functionality to find and comment on videos that are relevant to your audience. Once you discover great content, you can easily amplify it across your other social networks.  For example, you might create a search stream that mentions your brand and sort it by “Most Views.” If you see a popular or interesting video, share it directly to your other social profiles. If you’re coming across great content from a particular Youtube creator, you can also subscribe to their channel from this view.