Enrico Giubertoni

What is your job title, and where do you work?

I am a digital strategist, blogger and a social media consultant: I help companies and social media teams in leveraging their social media effectiveness by a smart use of social media strategies connected to the right tools and the right Social Media Platforms.

My blog, Buzzes.eu, was born in 2006 and covers Social Media Marketing and Hootsuite Video Tutorials.

Why did you join the Ambassador program?

I joined Hootsuite Ambassador Program in 2012. I was so intrigued to participate to a brand advocacy program. I was (and of course I am) so proud of being a Hootsuite Ambassador. I significantly improved my knowledge and understanding of Social Media Strategy and I met a great team of people, my fellow hootambs. Being a Hootamb is so great!

What is the best part about being an Ambassador?

"The #Hootamb role helps me to deepen my knowledge about Social Media & Content Management. I meet so many people all around the world and it is so interesting to notice how different cultures have a different impact in the use of social channels and this reflects in a big way in strategies. Being an Ambassador implies that you learn a lot but also you meet a lot of clever people during Hootup events and also via Social Network. Social Networking is a very peculiar aspect.

Although the Ambassador role is a volunteer role, I experienced myself that it is closely related with my Social Media Consultant activity. In fact I use Hootsuite in my consultancy activity a lot and this is so much appreciated. I help companies and social media teams to leverage their efficacy in their social media strategy by the use of Hootsuite as a social media platform."

So far, what is your favourite memory while being part of the #HootAmb family?

My first hootup event, #HootupGenoa, was in the year 2012 at Genova, Italy. I suppose it was the first Hootup in Europe. In that Hootup, @Giusina09 decided to join the Hootsuite Community and she became the third Italian #Hootamb, and - I suppose - the second woman to become a Hootamb in Italy (@Saverioweb is the first Ambassador in Italy).

What is your number one social tip?

Talk about Your Community, not about Your Brand", a great quote by Carrie Morgan. Followers and fans don’t care about your brand as much as they do about their own needs. For that reason, instead of sharing content about your business all the time, post about what your users care about instead.

This quote is very easy to say but not so easy to do: companies have to listen to their communities and retrieve a clear understanding of their users needs. Tools as Hootsuite are so useful to do social listening and social media monitoring.

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