We all know that social content needs to be engaging and relevant to have a chance of reaching your audience. But to deliver tangible results, such as improved brand awareness or sales, your content also needs specific business goals behind it. 

Watch our Outbrain and Hootsuite content experts in this webinar on how to achieve your business goals through more effective, shareable content—and find out how to measure its impact on your brand and revenues.

Watch this webinar to learn how to:

  • Create a constant stream of fresh, shareable content that sparks conversations and conversions
  • Track engagement to identify the most effective networks and optimise your content for better results
  • Leverage the power of user-generated content—which is 20% more likely to influence purchasing decisions than other content

Our event speakers

Photo of Chris Mockford

Chris Mockford

Director of Account Strategy, Outbrain

Chris leads Outbrain's Account Strategy team across South East Asia, India and New Markets. His primary focus is driving beneficial relationships and executing successful campaigns with clients amplifying their quality content and publishers looking to improve their online monetisation. With a decade of experience in client servicing and commercial partnerships gained at AOL and agency side at Ogilvy, Chris transitioned to the increasingly important world of Content Marketing and distribution when he joined Outbrain in 2015.

Andy Yeo

Solutions Consultant, Hootsuite

Andy helps enterprises understand the possibilities for success in social. He is an expert in customer retention and building long-term business relationships with his clients across Asia Pacific, guiding them through their social journey by helping them with their problems. For his clients, he develops ways for them solve business problems and achieve strategic goals by leveraging social media. Andy was previously the region’s customer success manager focused on social strategy execution and on-going education.