This is the story of how Ticketleap, an event marketing and online ticketing platform, stood out by empowering employees to share their expertise and lend some personality to the business. Sarah Lang, Director of Marketing at Ticketleap, and the team use social media and their blog to showcase their fun, approachable personalities, while sharing their expertise on creating and promoting successful events. The team breathes life to the business. In doing so, they’ve kept the entrepreneurial startup-atmosphere alive that attract like-minded customers from afar.

Discover how Lang and her team, with the help of Hootsuite, were able to achieve outstanding results:

  • 3x more Events University signups in 2014 since launching the EU campaign with Hootsuite
  • Significant increase in successful events since educating customers in Events University
  • 690% increase in recent event attendance after using Hootsuite to surface influential people and tap into existing hashtags
  • Saw huge growth in social communities because of their fun and educational content
  • Easily sifts through and amplifies some 10,000 social messages for popular events
Some of the more popular events will tweet once and draw 10,000 associated social messages. That’s a huge volume of content to sift through, and because such a large part of our social strategy is consuming and sharing user-generated content, our strategy would not be effective without Hootsuite.

—Sarah Lang, Director of Marketing, Ticketleap

Download this case study with Ticketleap to find out how you too can improve your event attendance and boost engagement.