Teams throughout your enterprise are constantly creating new social media accounts and adopting their own mismatched platforms to manage them. But without a standard and secure environment for social media, your organisation remains vulnerable to malware, unauthorised or fraudulent accounts, and data leakage.

IT departments are usually the ones who get called in to clean up the mess. Why not take control of the situation now?

Secure Your Social Organisation with Hootsuite Enterprise will show you how to:

  • Centralise governance over social media profiles and account provisioning.
  • Ensure compliant policy management and enforcement across your entire organisation.
  • Protect your enterprise against a full spectrum of threats, from brand hijackers to malware to human error.
  • Scale your organisation’s social media presence across regions and departments without compromising security or data integrity.
  • Integrate social media into the analytics, CRM and other platforms your enterprise is already using to deliver business impact.