If you work at an agency, you know that manual tasks often drain your billable hours and make it hard to scale your services to multiple clients.

When Pronto Marketing expanded their services to include social media, demand for their agency quickly grew. But with over 1000 small business clients, their team was quickly bogged down by manual tasks such as creating reports, managing hundreds of social media accounts, and keeping track of different social media activities.

Download this case study to learn how Hootsuite Enterprise helps Pronto Marketing manage over 300 of their small business clients on social media. With a central dashboard they’ve been able to:

  • Reduce cost and time spent on manual tasks such as pulling monthly client reports
  • Provide more cost effective services, allowing them to pass on savings to clients without diminishing value
  • Drive real results for their clients, such as increased brand awareness, SEO, and reduced marketing costs
  • Scale social media offering for 300 clients and counting
  • Bulk schedule out hundreds of client social messages every month
We’re saving so much time and money without lessening our offering… Today, the biggest solutions that Hootsuite provides our agency are scalability and time saved.

Tim Kelsey
Director of Client Marketing ServicesPronto Marketing