Hospitality recruiter Axel Koster is one of three most influential social media voices in Australia. In just five years, he built a loyal following of over half a million people. Today, he is a global leader on social media, holding the title of most followed recruiter on Twitter, and falling into the top one percent of most viewed LinkedIn profiles.

Intrigued by his overall success, we connected with Axel to learn the secrets of how he created his personal and professional brand, developed a winning social media strategy, and used his influence to make Australia’s Manhattan Group recruitment agency one of the world’s top recruiting firms.

Download this success story to discover how Axel used Hootsuite to:

  • Build and manage over half a million followers
  • Become number one of the 10 most followed recruiters on Twitter
  • Grow his average of 15,000 new monthly followers
  • Increase an executive search firm’s market share significantly