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LinkedIn: Lessons from a Silicon Valley Veteran

Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes chats with LinkedIn’s CMO Shannon Brayton about lessons learned from her time in the tech industry.

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    Purdue University: How to Raise $28.2 Million in a Single Day

    Purdue University’s Steve Schlenk and Kate Jolly tell us how they used social media to run the most successful fundraising campaign in the school’s history.

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    Amber Naslund: The Secret to Getting More from Social Media

    Digital marketing expert Amber Naslund tells us how to get the most from your social investment, with tips on how to avoid common pitfalls.

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    UN Women: Why The World Couldn’t Ignore #StopTheRobbery

    UN Women tells us they ran a bold social campaign that received millions of views and thousands of participants from across the globe.

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    The Keg: Finding Brand Advocates in Unlikely Places

    Restaurant brand The Keg shares how they find customers in unlikely places.

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    General Electric: Lessons From a 125-Year-Old Startup

    Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes chats with General Electric’s CMO Linda Boff about changes in their industry and GE’s winning social strategy.

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    Koka Sexton: How to Get Business Results from Social Media

    Social selling expert Koka Sexton shares tips on how to get business results from social.

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    Herschel Supply: The Origin of a Hashtag That Attracts Millions

    Retail brand Herschel Supply shares the story behind their #WellTravelled hashtag.

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    AccorHotels: Getting the Customer Journey Right on Social

    Global Hotelier brand AccorHotels tells us how to reach customers at every stage in the buyer journey.

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    Roots Canada: How to Get 150K Leads with One Social Campaign

    Retail brand Roots Canada shares how they got 150K leads with one campaign.

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    RBC: Leadership in a Digital Era

    Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes interviews the CEO of RBC about leadership in a digital era.