Marketing @ Hootsuite

Marketing at Hootsuite means unleashing your creativity. It means sharing no-holds-barred ideas with alligators and unicorns. You know that spot where brand and people connect? It means being right there. All the time.

Craft stories that people love

Here's your chance to elevate the conversation. Part Disney, part Springsteen, you'll tell stories that are colorful and real.

Collaborate like crazy

Our team is a mosaic of different roles. You'll be right at home working with artists, analysts, and camera folks to create work that resonates with audiences...and have a few laughs throughout it all.

Find inspiration everywhere

We live for those ideas that come to us in dreams or while singing in the shower--it’s those sparks of inspiration that could take us to the next level. That's why we embrace an open working environment, and encourage you to use the space as you need to get great things done.

Marketing jobs