In the latest webinar in our Higher Education Webinar Series, marketing and content specialists from Colorado Technical University and Creighton University show how they leveraged real alumni stories and student experiences to attract prospective students and increase current student engagement.

Authentic content that inspires conversation and encourages social sharing is the key to successful higher education social campaigns—especially when your aim is to engage with younger people who are turned off by overtly branded or unauthentic content.

Of course, the whole point of authentic content is you can’t create it all yourself. You can, however, start and join conversations and let user-generated content bridge the authenticity gap.

Higher Education Webinar Series: Creating Authentic Social Experiences

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to create more engaging higher education campaigns using our powerful social campaign tool, Hootsuite Campaigns
  • Why universities need authentic content and engagement to connect on a deeper level with their audiences—and how to generate it
  • How new Hootsuite product updates, and recent Facebook and Twitter changes, can help you do more with social