14 April 2016 - 0:00 UTC


If you’re part of an enterprise in the utilities and energy industry, you know that implementing a social media strategy that integrates your employees, customers, and service providers can be a huge challenge.

But with the use of social media, companies in this sector can improve their level of customer care, strengthen their communication strategies during crises, and even assist with recruitment.

Watch this webinar, featuring guest speakers Brandon Young of BC Hydro and Evan Blair of ZeroFox, who discuss how to overcome the challenges of implementing a unified social strategy. We explore the area of social security as it relates to protecting your customers privacy and your utility’s brand from scams, impersonations, and other malicious activity on your social channels.

This webinar uses real-life examples to illustrate strategies and solutions, including:

  • Social/digital customer support strategies
  • Crisis preparedness and communication
  • Social insights and reporting
  • Social media security and threat intelligence