Looking for a mouth-watering bite? It may be parked right in front of your nose. Catering to on-the-go foodies looking for a quick and tasty meal, food trucks are shaking up the food industry across North America. But many of these “start-up” restaurants are serving up more than just good food to their customers. 

“We’ve definitely seen a positive correlation between creating social media buzz around the truck and getting more followers and even actual sales from new customers,” says Elizabeth Callahan (aka Ellie), who manages the Caplansky food truck.

Download this case study to learn what three of the best food trucks in North America are doing to build relationships and engage with customers on social media. Discover:

  • How one food truck owner became one the most influential “Tweeters” in LA for several years
  • How food trucks use social media to update truck locations, daily specials, and build buzz
  • How a food truck founder, owner, and chef all-in-one does it all and captures the attention of thousands online

For the truck’s first 3 years, I did all of the social “à la minute” meaning ‘live.’ That took 4-6 hours a day and consumed my life, making it harder to run my business. Since Hootsuite, we schedule our Tweets and posts beforehand. We have expanded to include several cities and Hootsuite helps manage multiple cities and social profiles. Doing this separately would be laborious and ineffective.

—Dave Dahni, CEO, The Grilled Cheese Truck