Agency of Trillions (AoT) is a new type of agency where marketing experts, strategic advisors, and accelerators are focused on driving innovation among forward-thinking coders and entrepreneurs. With offices in New York, Los Angeles, and Pittsburgh, AoT’s team of marketers help companies navigate the connected world.

Download this case study to learn how AoT uses social data from Hootsuite Insights to win new business and create data-driven marketing strategies for clients.

AoT used social data to support one of their largest clients in the engineering and manufacturing industry to successfully:

  • Promote its new 100,000 square-foot Innovation Acceleration Center
  • Announce the brand refresh and company-name change
  • Gain brand awareness
  • Launch new official social channels
  • Track quality and quantity of social mentions
  • Correlate social data into brand equity and traction

“By tracking social data, we could visualize the instant that the new name caught on online and measure the sentiment and influence around those who were talking.” —Aadam Soorma, the Project Manager at AoT