For baby wraps and slings retailer, Baby K’tan, customer service is essential for growing the business. The team behind Baby K’tan depend on social media to provide great customer service and communicate with individual customers and fans.

With a social media community of over 30,000 followers, the team fields customer inquiries, engages in conversations, and responds to comments directly on social media—with the help of Hootsuite. For them, the main benefit of Hootsuite is the ability to see everything happening online around their brand and products from one dashboard.

Download this case study to discover how one retail business uses Hootsuite to monitor social media in real time, providing superior customer service and promoting the growth of the business.

  • 700% average increase in Facebook page Likes per month
  • Established communities of ambassadors around the globe
  • Personalized customer service gains trust among customers
  • Faster customer service response with a centralized dashboard
We have a product that has a lot to do with making sure that mom and baby are happy, and people want to make sure they're using it right. Customer service is huge for us.

—Tali Zipper, Director of Marketing and Sales, Baby K'tan