Scaling social media effectively at enterprise-level tech companies takes perspective.

So we commissioned a study on how over 750 global enterprises are adopting social media. The results highlight some winning strategies that may help you chart your course.

But the right internal perspective is key, too, since you need to address the tech industry’s specific needs—and opportunities—around social media.

Both sides are represented in our Advanced Social Media Toolkit for Technology, which includes:

  • State of Enterprise Social Media
    Discover the key trends and challenges global companies face in social media—and learn the strategies it takes to win
  • Social Media in Technology: A Unified Strategy for Success
    Learn how marketing, customer service, and other functions within tech companies can pursue their own unique goals—while still benefiting from a unified approach

To learn more about how developing a social media for your organization will benefit your bottom line, just fill in the form on the right side of this page, and you’ll get instant access to our Advanced Social Media Toolkit for Technology.