How does your strategy compare to similar organizations in your industry? Are you investing in the right areas? Are you ahead—or falling behind in your industry?

We’ve built our Social Maturity Assessment to give you these answers—and more.

When you sign up for an assessment, one of our analysts will do a comprehensive review of your approach to social. Once complete, you’ll get a presentation deck highlighting where you’re currently succeeding, and recommendations on how to turn your areas of weaknesses into opportunities.

With our Social Maturity Assessment, you’ll get a full analysis containing:

Social Maturity Assesment

A comparison of your performance against 600+ enterprise organizations
Which stage of social maturity your organization sits
Data-backed best practices from our expert analysis of your strengths and weaknesses
Analysis of how you use technology, strategy, and data— and how this compares to peers in your industry
Actionable and clear recommendations to advance your social strategy

To get your free Social Maturity assessment, set up your 30-minute call today with one of our experts.