Migrating to Latest SDK

Upgrading to Latest SDK

Migrating to Current Hootsuite App Directory SDK

We recommend updating your apps to the new function. In order to update to v2.0, you simply need to update the version of the JS Library file that the app is pointing to.

Update the file from: https://d2l6uygi1pgnys.cloudfront.net/jsapi/0-6/hsp.js to: https://d2l6uygi1pgnys.cloudfront.net/jsapi/2-0/hsp.js

Note: Do not download the above javascript file to include in your app. Always use the above CDN to ensure your app is using the current SDK version.

When you update your apps to the new function, no other methods need to be updated. Once updated, you can remove the App Receivers from your app. 

If your app has a plugin, or uses the methods sendtoapp, sendprofiletoapp, or sendcomposedmsgtoapp, we highly recommend that you update to the new file, as this will resolve the issue of plugins not always loading in the Hootsuite dashboard. Going forward, all future releases and enhancements will be tailored towards the current version of the SDK. 

If you are updating a stream-based app from version 0.5 to 2.0, note that the stream template has been significantly updated, and you may need to make adjustments to your css for your app to display properly in the dashboard. 

Previous Releases

For any app still running on the v0.6 Hootsuite App Directory SDK, you can access documentation here: