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Let's work together to make social media even better

We love partnering with innovative tech companies and developers to create  integrations that make our social relationship platform even better. Whether you're aiming to integrate your existing solution into the Hootsuite ecosystem—or want to build an app that extends our platform's functionality—our Platform Partner program gives you access to our huge and active user base. Apply to become a Hootsuite Integration Partner today and let’s work together to build on the power of social.

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Why partner with Hootsuite?

  • Extend your reach

    Get your solution in front of more than 10 million Hootsuite users—including 744 of the Fortune 1000. More exposure drives higher adoption rates and supports your product’s growth.

  • Innovate with an industry leader

    Bring new technology to market quickly and innovate with confidence—by building on our stable platform using our flexible, proven developer tools and resources.

  • Extend your solution with social

    Help your existing users do more by integrating your app into Hootsuite. When they can access your app directly from our dashboard, your solution becomes even more powerful.

  • Earn recurring revenue

    Create new revenue by charging for your app. With more than 1.6 million app installs to date, our Platform Partners program provides serious earning potential.

  • Ready to become a Platform Partner?

    Apply for developer access. You’ll need a Hootsuite account if you don’t have one.

    Apply for developer access