How can financial services professionals drive business results with social media in 2020?

We surveyed over 3,100 marketers to discover where social is headed in 2020, and took a look at how this applies to insurance, wealth management, and other financial services organizations. Join us to get the key insights in our fourth annual trends report.

Looking ahead, 2020 will bring a world where leading companies search for balance between private and public customer engagement, and advisors must adapt their social media skills in a performance-driven marketing landscape.

Our webinar will take you through the five trends that financial services organizations are focusing on in 2020, featuring practical recommendations, examples of organizations putting the trends into practice, and a live Q&A to help inform your strategy in 2020.

What You'll Learn

  • Five trends that will change how leading financial services organizations use social in 2020
  • The new skills agents and advisors must build to effectively connect with customers
  • Advanced measurement methods from high performing organizations