The first step to becoming a truly social organisation is usually securing executive buy-in, and answering questions such as: Who owns what? How much should we budget? What steps do we need to take so that we’re all on the same page?

But only 52% of companies say that their executives are informed, engaged, and aligned with their company’s social strategy—limiting social growth.

What are the tools and strategies you can use to gain executive buy-in in your organisation?

Watch our webinar, Scaling Social: Unifying Social Strategy & Gaining Executive Buy-In, to learn to sell a unified social media strategy to the executive-branch and

  • How to align department goals with organisational goals—focusing on impact goals such as revenue vs. activity goals, such as more likes
  • Why clear leadership and established processes are essential for effective social workflow
  • The business benefits of unifying your social strategy across Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, HR, & IT— and how to do it