WWF International's Endangered Emoji campaign to help save the Spider Monkey, Giant Panda, and 15 other at-risk species is an international social success story.
Watch this webinar to hear exactly how WWF created a global campaign with social analytics at its centre—and find out some of the key learnings that will help you to successfully build and launch social campaigns.

In this webinar, WWF’s Digital Innovation Manager, Adrian Cockle takes us behind the scenes to highlight how social campaigns help WWF drive awareness of their global initiatives. We will explore:

  • How to plan and run a successful global awareness campaign
  • Campaign best practices including publishing, engagement, monitoring, and reporting
  • Key learnings from WWF’s global Endangered Emoji campaign

Our event speakers

Adrian Cockle

Digital Innovation Manager, WWF International

Adrian is a senior digital professional on the team that’s delivered global campaigns that have helped persuade the Thai Prime Minister to make their ivory trade illegal, kept a British oil company from drilling for oil in Virunga National Park and demonstrated mass public support for action on climate change. As well as getting half a million people tweeting about Endangered Emoji, last year he created a global charity partnership with a professional cycling team with a single well-timed twee

Enterprise Strategy Team Member