Founded as a baseball concessionaire in 1915, Delaware North is now a multibillion-dollar hospitality organization in over 200 locations with over 60,000 employees worldwide. After years of creating social accounts to represent the various venues, Delaware North was faced with social sprawling that lacked strategy or business purpose.

The CMO of Delaware North, Todd Merry, wanted to:

  • Secure the brand online
  • Establish process and measure business impact
  • Empower employees to engage with best practices
  • Eliminate confusion and redundancy

Download this case study to discover the steps Delaware North took to unify its social presence. Within months the company saw increased collaboration, trust, and confidence, improved customer service, and a greater focus on ROI and brand presence.

Sharing departmental goals and being ever focused on how every effort ties back to the organization is key.

Kerry Hassen
Digital Marketing ManagerDelaware North