With more than 30 venues worldwide serving more than 13 million guests annually and the world’s largest digital golf audience, Topgolf has become a go-to destination for fun. It is the only entertainment experience of its kind, offering golfing games for all ages and skill levels paired with food, drinks, big screen TVs, and music.

Topgolf has a culture of highly engaged Associates. The Topgolf leadership team wanted to provide a simple and easy way to turn these Associates into brand storytellers for Topgolf on social, so they turned to Hootsuite Amplify.  

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Amplify equips [Topgolf Associates] with technology and content to grow our global community of fans.

Adrienne Chance
Director of Corporate CommunicationsTopgolf

What they did

Simplify communication among a distributed workforce

Since most Associates are often on the go and may not have access to a laptop or desktop, Topgolf knew that an easy-to-use app was key to driving adoption. These digital natives were comfortable with social media and needed a solution that suited their fast-paced lifestyles.

We spoke with Adrienne Chance, Director of Corporate Communications at Topgolf, to hear about her objectives. She is in charge of public relations, internal communications, social media and charitable giving.

"Our Associates tell the Topgolf story better than anyone else, and Amplify equips them with technology and content to grow our global community of fans," said Chance. “We are sharing content covering sports, food, drinks, music, apparel, celebrities and even travel, which allows guests to tap into the Topgolf lifestyle whether they are at our venues or on the go.”

How they did it

From launch to adoption: Topgolf rolls out Hootsuite Amplify

Topgolf uses Hootsuite Amplify to share pre-approved content and news with 300 of Topgolf’s most active and engaged Associates. This mobile app offers leadership a direct channel to share engaging content—like new Topgolf location announcements or job openings, and seasonal promotions like Topgolf Leagues or drink specials—and encourage Associates to amplify it across their own social profiles.

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To successfully roll out Hootsuite Amplify, Topgolf initially launched a pilot program with 60 social advocates to explore the opportunities and challenges. Working closely with Hootsuite, they developed a content and communications strategy that covered how they would:

  • Identify the first Associates to onboard
  • Position the invitation as a special and exclusive opportunity
  • Plan training efforts
  • Discover what content resonates
  • ‹Learn how to create on-brand and shareable content
  • Establish best practices and guidelines for engagement

From there, the team sent out initial communication including signup information, guidelines, and best practices to the first group of Associates and proceeded to train and educate them.

Topgolf established a tiered system for alerting Associates to new content based on the level of engagement they hoped to drive from it. As the administrator, Topgolf’s home office chooses what content to send through Amplify and assigns it to one of three tiers:

  • Tier 1: An email and push notification is sent to Associates.
  • Tier 2: A push notification only is sent to Associates.
  • Tier 3: The content is shared for Associates in the app stream only.

The results

42% adoption within first week

The first onboarding phase took place over three weeks and saw a 42 percent adoption rate within the first week alone. Working together with Hootsuite, Topgolf received all of the required resources to manage communication and successfully launch the new product and workflow. For example, Topgolf Associates have access to a custom user guide and FAQ site that aims to answer all onboarding, training, and engagement questions

31% increase in content shares with Hootsuite Amplify

With the success of phase one, Topgolf launched the full deployment of the remaining 240 hand-selected Associates. Topgolf leadership plans to continue onboarding and training more Associates to help grow their global community of fans worldwide.

Topgolf now has more than 300 Associates who are trained and qualified to share branded content with new audiences. Over the two launch phases, Topgolf saw:

  • 31% increase in total shares of content shared via Amplify
  • 66% increase in total reads of content shared via Amplify
  • 220% increase in total likes of content shared via Amplify

Associates remain highly engaged and excited now that they are even more closely connected to the business and have a better understanding of upcoming events, news, and campaigns.

“Topgolf has been opening  up to 10 venues annually, and we hire approximately 500 Associates at each location,” said Chance. “These Associates are our number one asset in a new market because they’re passionate about our culture and they’re the first people in the city to actually experience what Topgolf is all about. They’re already excited to share Topgolf with their personal networks, and Amplify gives them a fast and easy way to tell our story.”

They're [Topgolf Associates] already excited to share Topgolf with their personal networks, and Amplify gives them a fast and easy way to tell our story.

Adrienne Chance
Director of Corporate CommunicationsTopgolf
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