For creative and digital communications agency Mapplinks, keeping clients happy is an everyday affair. Founded by Rishabh Dev, the Bangalore-based agency juggles a large client base across India.

The winning team at Mapplinks

  • Digital Analyst

    Drove traffic by managing social data and Google AdWords

  • Digital Strategist

    Managed paid and organic media through content ideation and optimising ads

  • Graphic Designer

    Designed ads and landing pages for paid and organic social posts

  • Content Manager

    Crafted fun and engaging content to drive awareness and registrations

Like most agencies, Mapplinks counts on repeat business. The agency must continually deliver results to keep their 40+ clients content.

What they did

One such repeat client is HackerEarth, a high-growth startup funded by venture capital firm Prime Venture Partners (also a client of Mapplinks). In addition to supporting monthly social media activities, HackerEarth needed help developing a social media campaign. The purpose of the campaign was to attract participants to their three-day women’s coding event, 2015 International Women’s Day Hackathon.

HackerEarth signed on with Mapplinks and tasked them with conceptualising and executing the social media campaign strategy for the event. Mapplinks had three goals:

  1. Build awareness around the women’s global hackathon event
  2. Increase awareness about the gender gap in technology
  3. Increase registrations

The agency launched a social media campaign across Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. They assigned four digital specialists to manage the campaign—a digital analyst, a digital strategist, a graphic designer, and a content manager. Mapplinks used the team’s diverse skillset to create an integrated campaign.

    To promote the campaign, the team used a mix of paid and organic promotion across all three social channels:

  • Organic Promotion Mix

    • Organic posts
    • Outreach to relevant Twitter handles
    • Outreach to relevant LinkedIn Groups
  • Paid Promotion Mix

    • Facebook Ads using interest-based targeting 
    • Google AdWords

Drawing in over 7,000 participants across 100 countries, the hackathon earned the greatest number of registrations for an event of its kind, setting a world record as reported by the Times of India.

How they did it

Collaborating with team members on tasks

Managing an enormous campaign like the International Women’s Day Hackathon required a coordinated team effort. To manage campaign tasks, Mapplinks used Hootsuite’s Team Assignments feature. They used the feature to track and assign potential conversations across the team—ensuring no opportunity for engagement was missed.

Outside of the hackathon, Mapplinks is always on the lookout to generate ideas to pitch for new accounts. They use Team Assignments to designate trending topics to account strategists who then turn these ideas into a pitch.

Staying on top of the competing needs of our clients requires major team coordination. Hootsuite has helped us improve our internal project management.

Rishabh Dev
Managing DirectorMapplinks

Scheduling posts for multiple clients

Consistent promotion is key when running a campaign like the hackathon.

For the Mapplinks team, this meant distributing multiple social media posts each day at peak engagement times. Using Hootsuite Scheduler, the team scheduled their posts to ensure they had optimal coverage. This was particularly useful for highly time-sensitive posts, like campaign countdowns.

As part of the influencer outreach on Twitter, the team used bulk scheduling to reach multiple influencers at once.

The bulk scheduler influencer outreach earned us visibility with leading women programmers who tweeted about the hackathon and retweeted our updates.

Aarti Kamath
Content ManagerMapplinks

Beyond the campaign, the team uses bulk scheduling to publish many posts for several clients, all at once. The bulk scheduling template serves as the team’s social media content calendar, giving them a clear picture of what content is being promoted on which social networks and the opportunities to cross promote.

Staying on top of client mentions and shares

Tapping into social conversations can help identify relevant social communities. During the hackathon, the team used Hootsuite listening streams to actively monitor campaign hashtags and mentions before and during the event. Leading up to the event, the team used the feature to identify potential participants to encourage registration.

Social media monitoring helps Mapplinks stay on top of mentions and shares for their large client base. The feature ensures no interaction is missed and helps the team monitor numerous accounts from a single dashboard. The team also uses several advanced monitoring functions to pinpoint conversations—such as location based search.

The results

Using Hootsuite’s team assignments, scheduling, and streams, the Mapplinks team successfully:

  • Achieved record-breaking registrations for a global social media campaign, earning 7,000+ participants across 100 countries
  • Saved time by scheduling large amounts of posts for multiple clients at once
  • Monitored multiple client accounts and campaigns from a single dashboard
  • Boosted team coordination and responsiveness to clients