Breakfast2019 Hub Michael

EX is the new CX

Michael Meyers, Manager, Marketing Technology & Michael Yoder, Lead Communications Specialist, Spectrum Health

Join Michael & Michael as they speak about how building digital/social skills internally with employees results in a better customer experience in the healthcare sector.

Breakfast2019 Hub Kim

Transforming your Business from within—Starting with your employees—to Build Confidence and Digital Skills

Kim Beddard-Fontaine, SVP Digital & Employee Communications, Sodexo

In this session, Kim will cover how Sodexo a food services and catering, facilities management company used Hootsuite to launch and implement their employee advocacy programme for the company globally.

Social Media & Militantisme numérique

François Saltiel, Journalist & book writer

In this session, the author of the book “The tea maker who changed the world with a hashtag” presents insightful examples where social made a difference and helped building confidence.

Learn how to reignite confidence by building a trusted culture.

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