Introduction to Social Media Strategy

New to social media strategy? You’ll want to start here. After this session you will:

  • Understand the the importance of social media strategy
  • Be able to create a basic but effective social media strategy
  • Know how to measure the success of your strategy over time

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Increase Brand Awareness

Got basic strategy down? Welcome to the next level. After this session you will:

  • Understand the importance of social media monitoring
  • Be able to increase your visibility through the strategic use of hashtags
  • Create an audience by finding relevant conversations to join

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Save Time by Curating Content

On social, content is king. After this session you’ll know:

  • Why having a content strategy is crucial to your success
  • What kind of content to share, and how often to share it
  • Where to find the kind of content that your followers will love

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Increase Engagement With Social Campaigns

Social campaigns get people’s attention. After this session you will:

  • Understand the basic tactics for executing successful campaigns
  • Know the different campaign types available to you
  • Learn how to track engagement metrics across your social networks

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Strategically Structure Your Organization

Collaboration in social media is a powerful tool. After this session you will:

  • Understand the benefits of collaborating in your social efforts
  • Learn the basic structures of an effective social workflow in your organization
  • Know how to measure your team’s performance in social media

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Measure Your Social Success

What impact does social media have on your business? After this session you will:

  • Understand social media’s return on investment for your business
  • Learn the most important metrics your business should be tracking
  • Know how to run a variety of reports to provide you with data about your performance

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