Seeing the exact value that social delivers is something that every organization wants—but few have yet to master. The truth is: there’s no one magical ROI formula. What works for an ecommerce store won't work for a government agency.

So we’re here to find what will work for you.

Join us at our Social Breakfast Vancouver, where we’ll offer a practical approach to redefining how your organization sees and measures social ROI.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why so many organizations struggle to measure social ROI
  • How to define social ROI for your organization
  • Hootsuite's four-step framework for measuring social ROI
  • What: Hootsuite Social Breakfast (Livestream)

    Date: Wednesday, 9 May, 2018

    Time: 8:00AM - 11:30AM PT

  • Agenda

    09:00 am Social ROI: What does it look like today? | Hootsuite
    09:25 am  Industry Leader Presentation | LinkedIn
    09:50 am Industry Leader Presentation | Destination British Columbia
    10:15 am Social ROI Panel Discussion with Industry Leaders
    11:15 am  Closing Remarks
    11:30 am Event to Close