Data privacy, hyper-personalisation, the rise of AI—where is it all heading in 2019, and what does it mean for your business?

Join us for our Social Breakfast live stream, where Hootsuite experts together with Simon Kemp—a world-renowned digital expert who’s past clients include Coca-Cola and Google—explore and reveal insights into exactly what’s in store on social and digital for businesses in 2019.

Plus, get essential data points, year on year trends, and comparisons of digital data from more than 200 countries to help inform your 2019 strategy and help you succeed on social and drive business results.

This is one event that you can’t afford to miss.

  • Where the emerging global opportunities in digital and social lie for your brand, and how they differ from the western model.
  • How understanding personalisation and adding relevancy will be the key to your brand’s success in 2019.
  • How global brands such as Nike and American Express are changing the way social is used forever.


Welcome remarks & Introductions
  • Rob Coyne
Digital in 2019
  • Simon Kemp, Kepios
Social Trends 2019
  • Mark Abrami
Customer presentation
Closing Remarks


  • Photo of Simon Kemp
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    Simon Kemp

    Founder & CEO Kepios

  • Photo of Rob Coyne
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    Rob Coyne

    General Manager EMEA Hootsuite

  • Photo of Mark Abrami
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    Mark Abrami

    Senior Value Realisation Consultant Hootsuite

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